Uniswap on Fire, $UNI Options Broke 4 Records within 2 weeks

3 min readOct 14, 2020


After 3 years decentralized exchanges has been through, the market presented a rapid trend especially after AMM (Automated Market Making) was introduced into dex, it lifted up the dex volume from millions to billions. Uniswap, as the most renowned decentralized exchanges, did a huge effect on AMM into decentralized exchanges.

Uniswap is a smart contract based on Ethereum for users to swap ETH and ERC20s. The CPMM (Constant Product Market Maker) that Uniswap uses enables users to exchange ERC20s in their token pools. It not only changes the “order book” trading mode, but also lowers the barriers of market-making, which allows every user to become a market maker to a specific trading pair, and earn profits from it. This mechanism is innovative in the yield of DeFi and tries to grab more users from centralized exchanges. After 2-year development, Uniswap became the most renowned DEX based on Ethereum.

To stabilize its own market-making, Uniswap did not launch its own governance token until the end of August. The born of SUSHI, which stole more than half of liquidity on Uniswap by their token incentive mechanism. It caused Uniswap once fell to the 10th of all the DeFi projects. After then, Uniswap launched its own governance tokens. After the SUSHI chief cashed out by selling his SUSHI, Uniswap attracted their lost users back with its liquidity that is stable and of high yield. At last, everyone witnessed the king came back and ranked the first TVL on DeFi.

On the occasion, BitOffer listed $UNI on their options trading. And 4 records have been broken within 2 weeks:

1. $200 millions Breakout of the Daily Trading Volume:

From June to September, the trading volume on Uniswap surged from $1 million to $1 billion. The fact above caused most eye-contacts from the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, after $UNI was listed on BitOffer Options, the volume on BitOffer UNI Options broke out $200 million, and it is still increasing. In the near future, the daily volume on UNI Options is hopefully to break $1 billion.

2. 100,000Daily Active Users

As for now, the total DAU on BitOffer is more than 200,000, and a half of them trade UNI Options. Those users can be divided into 2 types: Buying Options Only & Hedging their UNI Perpetual Swap. Moreover, the second part took up more than 60%. Either traditional finance or cryptocurrency, Futures trading is much more popular than spot trading. To hedge the risk, users who know how to hedge always choose to trade options and futures to set up an arbitrage strategy. As the cryptocurrency developed while DeFi getting hot and the TVL of Uniswap keeps increasing, the number of users who use Options to hedge the risk of the trading perpetual swap will be much huger than now. In addition, since the volatility of $UNI is higher than that of Bitcoin and Ethereum, so buying $UNI Options only or hedging their UNI Perpetual Swap can both have a huge profit space.

3. $UNI Options Owned Most Transactions on September

Since September, after $UNI was listed on exchanges, its attentions and participants kept being the top among all the DeFi tokens. Under such a phenomenon, $UNI Options owned the most transactions in September. According to the data on BitOffer, the transactions on BitOffer reached 500,000, which is 2 times to that of LINK Options, and 1 time to that of Bitcoin Options and ETH Options. After Dual-Currency, BTC Ups & Downs, and Cryptocurrency ETF, $UNI Options made it.

4. The Most Likely Products to Investors

According to the DAU and daily trading volume of $UNI Options, its audience is much more acceptable than $UNI Perpetual Swap. They are both UNI derivatives but they occupy of $UNI Options is less than UNI futures, but it still has a huge developing room, and that is why investors hold a confident view on $UNI Options, which is expected to have a billions trading volume as $UNI spot trading and futures trading. In addition, with BitOffer, the most renowned Bitcoin Options provider, $UNI Options will attract more and more attentions from the market.